Memo to New/Young Coaches

1 day baby till NY Sharks football opener ❤️ my squad. Been coaching awhile blessed to learn/teach/serve others.

Memo to new/young coaches:

To #coach is a big responsibility. Your players trust you they look to you for guidance and you can’t be suspect. Know your shit and help put them in position to excel: that’s your job. Also give them tough love at times but show compassion. A great coach also listens to their players. Shit you’re only as good as your players. Help them get better each day. It’s a relationship. I think esp. on a 🏈 team it’s a big social experiment. Learn to work w/ diff ppl. Fuckin ❤️ it. Gunnin' for the top #2018.

 Check it ➡ FOOTBALLIFE Podcast Episode 4 on this topic. (10 mins)

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